Cartier Women’s Santos Watch review: Classy and Elegant.

By Mike May 14, 2017 Women's Luxury Watches

Cartier Women’s Santos Watch Review:

Cartier Womens Santos Watch Review

Cartier, a French watch and jewellery company has fashioned this elegant timepiece which offers contemporary style with a modern spin. This intricately detailed watch is made of brushed stainless steel and is known to keep perfect time while being the perfect evening wear accessory.

It was made for the black dress which it complements so well, it would seem.

On first glance, the design is squeaky clean.  The watch band comprises of straight links which are studded with two strategically placed screws on either ends of the link.

The square watch face is detailed beautifully, accentuated with a polished steel bezel which is stationary and has eight small screws around the borders.

The white dial surrounded by Roman numeral hour markers is counterbalanced nicely by the shine of the steel casing.

Minutes are outlined with a neat inner border of small squares below the hour numerals. The minute hand is a blue-tipped sword like structure that hovers over the minute squares directly pointing to the Roman numerals, making it easy to tell the precise time.

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The case of the watch is curved, causing it to sit comfortably on the natural curve of the wrist and helping the bracelet to fit snugly.

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The deployment clasp facilitates easy removal and does not pose a challenge as can be the case with some watch clasps.

All of this is completed off with a seven-sided steel crown, with an exquisite blue spinel in the centre, big enough to make adjusting the time easier during that daylight-saving time of the year.

It’s water resistance capacity is up to 30M and has a scratch-resistant sapphire glass (second in hardness only to diamond); so you can take it easy while wearing it, always knowing that a spilled glass of juice or an accidental graze against a wall won’t mar your luxury timepiece.


What I’d say are the pros of the watch:

  • The look of the watch spells elegance
  • The design is easy on the eye and squeaky clean
  • The Roman numerals add to the classic look

What I’d say are the cons of the watch:

  • The price of the watch is on the higher side
  • The water resistance of this watch is 30M, needless to say, you can’t go scuba diving with this. You wouldn’t want to be scuba diving with a $3000 watch on anyway!

Just like all Cartier watches, the Women’s Santos stainless steel watch makes use of precision Swiss technology to keep perfect time. Luxury, elegance and beauty—what more could a woman want from a watch?

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