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Hey this is Mike…

And I created this luxury watch site to help people pick the best luxury watches for their personality.

You see, with the vast number of high end luxury watch brands out there, and their vast number of watch models, it makes the selection process of a luxury timepiece that much more difficult.

I try to take the complexity out of the selection process by telling you everything you need to know about a watch and then telling you who the watch is for.

Through this blog I also hope to give you some valuable information about luxury watches that I’ve gleaned from my research over the years.

The watches I recommend are usually from Amazon, as I believe they are one of the most trusted retailers out there.  If you buy any of the watches I recommend, you pay nothing extra, and I get a commission on it as well.  That helps me keep the site running and up to date.

I will be posting content/luxury watch reviews on here regularly, so bookmark this page and come by whenever you need information on luxury watches.

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